To Brisbane

I went on a trip to Brisbane in August 2018! A link to my photos.

On the first day I went to the Modern Art Museum which had an amazing collection on display of modern Asian art. They had things from India, Thailand and a lot of other countries you don’t normally see modern art from. It was all so interesting and a lot of it had a political background. I also walked all around South Bank since it’s my favourite place to go in the city.

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To New Zealand

We went on a trip to New Zealand’s South Island in April 2018! We stayed near Queenstown and went all around the area. Here is a link to my photos: click here.

It was dark when we flew into Queenstown, so we had no idea how stunning the scenery was, or the autumn leaves. We got a glimpse of bright orange trees in the headlights as we drove up the very steep road to our cabin, about 30 minutes outside of Queenstown. It wasn’t until the morning that we were greeted with mountain views at the end of the driveway, and trees at the peak of their red and orange colours.

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